As a privately-owned, biopharma company, Ferring focuses on developing life-changing innovations that help people live better lives. Grounded in a more than 70 year commitment to science and research, we are relentless in our pursuit of therapies that help people build families, stay healthy, and fight disease.


We’re committed to being the world-leading, most trusted healthcare company in reproductive medicine and maternal health, and a leader in specialty areas within gastroenterology and orthopaedics. With that ambition in mind, we’re dedicated to following the science, conducting exhaustive research, and going where others may not—which means that people will always come first.

Since launching our UK operations in 1975 and our Irish operations in 1977, Ferring continues to sustain record growth, introduce new products, and expand our operations. Today, through our own research and strategic acquisitions, we’re working to achieve today’s ‘firsts:’ unlocking the power of the human microbiome, discovering new, more accessible ways for people to start and build families, and tackling some of the most debilitating diseases and conditions of our time.

Ferring By the Numbers

We know that people must always come first

Globally, we reach millions of patients across 110 countries.
We are 6,000+ strong across the globe, with the office for the UK and Ireland in West Drayton.
Globally, we bring more than 70 years of experience developing innovative therapies across multiple conditions.